structural, civil & infrastructure design engineers

About Aspect

Aspect Consulting  Engineers Ltd was established in 2005 by the two directors to provide an approachable alternative to engineering. With over twenty five years within the industry we have experienced a wide multiplicity of projects, united with specialist foundation and stadium design we offer a full structural and civil engineering design service.

As today’s construction programmes become shorter it is important that we deliver the correct information on time. At Aspect Consulting Engineers Ltd we recognise the need for an expeditious response to all enquiries no matter what size of project.

We consider all our Clients to be important and maintain a professional approach to the scheme under consideration ensuring that we maintain Client satisfaction and engineering excellence at all times.

Aspect Consulting  Engineers Ltd consider a proactive approach to the work with the Directors involved in the project from conception to completion thus ensuring a high standard of output is maintained within budget.

We exercise a philosophy to value engineer all projects that we undertake and pride ourselves on carrying out comprehensive design checks prior to submissions.

Increasing concerns and awareness about the environment are a responsibility of everyone. Construction, use, maintenance and demolition of the UK’s infrastructure and buildings, consume energy and material resources and generate waste on a massive scale.  This represents a major contribution to climate change, resource depletion and pollution at a global level.

At Aspect Consulting Engineers Ltd we do not ignore this major problem and evaluate our designs to eliminate the impact on the environment. We are committed and constantly looking to the future to provide innovative design solutions in an attempt to reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources, and use environmentally sound materials in the final design.