structural, civil & infrastructure design engineers

Health & Safety

At Aspect Consulting Engineers Ltd we ensure that when we design for construction work we consider foreseeable health and safety risks during construction and eventual maintenance and cleaning of the structure in the balance with other design considerations, such as aesthetics and cost.

We apply the hierarchy of risk control. This means we identify the hazards inherent in carrying out the construction work and where possible alter the design to avoid them. If the hazards cannot be removed by design changes, we minimise the risks and provide information about the risks that remain.

At Aspect Consulting Engineers Ltd all elements of the design are discussed in order to eliminate risk both during the construction phase and to the end user. These may include:

  • designing for non-fragile roofing materials instead of fragile ones (falls through fragile materials are a major cause of fatal and serious injuries);
  • avoiding the need for chasing for cable runs (a job which inevitably exposes workers to high dust and noise levels) by embedding conduit within the wall finish;
  • reducing the use of harmful adhesive and paints where practicable in accordance with COSHH.
  • when designing foundations in contaminated land, specifying a driven pile foundation (which does not bring contaminated material to the surface) instead of bored piles;
  • avoiding concrete blocks weighing more than 20kg (these are difficult to lift and are likely to lead to long-term back injury to blocklayers).

Above all at Aspect Consulting Engineers Ltd we ensure so far as reasonably practicable that we provide adequate information about the significant health and safety implications in the execution of the design.

We also feel at Aspect that the demolition of a structure is as important as its construction and address this at design stage and where possible allow within the design a strategy for the demolition.
Above all Aspect will converse and cooperate with all the design team to ensure that the Client is delivered the project in accordance with the initial brief and that the requirements of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 1994 are adhered to.