structural, civil & infrastructure design engineers


Aspect Consulting Engineers Ltd have a wide range of experience in the refurbishment of older property and in the renovation of barns and similar buildings that are to be converted into habitable properties. Most of the projects dealt with are listed hence require sypathetic design whilst retaining as much of the character and construction techniques when originally built.

The Old Hall at Whitwell, Derbyshire is a grade II listed building and is believed to have been constructed in the 16th century and following multiple uses was eventually converted back into a house. Following a significant fire, damage was sustained to the roof structure and a solution prepared to re-roof the building using locally sourced materials to satisfy the conservation office and primarily adhere to the regulations specified in the relevant grade listing. The remaining structure was analised to ensure the roof load did not exceed the capacity of the timbers.
Existing floor construction was checked to ensure they were capable of carrying increased loads.

A number of derelict barns local to Chesterfield were converted into high specification habitable accomodation. The original barns were completely stripped and new ground floor and first floors installed. Partial collaspe of a gable wall resulted in a complex method of propping and an intricate sequence of removal and reinstating of the stonework in the effected area. Full plot drainage for both surface and foul water was designed together with a new private access road from the highway.