structural, civil & infrastructure design engineers

Special Projects

Aspect Consulting Engineers Ltd are asked to undertake specialist types of work which involve a variety of designs, some innovative and some specialist. We pride ourselves in being able to adapt to the diverse schemes providing the Client with economic solutions and enabling complex schemes to be built on time and within budget.

A new four bedroom detached house in Dalbury Lees, Ashbourne is utilising an innovative design concept for the United Kingdom the Durisol Block is an interlocking dry stacked ( no mortar ) unit made from sustainable material such as re-cycled waste softwood. This single block utilises insulation for thermal efficiency and allows steel reinforcing bars and concrete to be placed in the void in the block for the structural requirements. Methods of constructing lintels and supporting beams on the blocks have been designed to promote a quick and easy way of erecting the shell.                       

The contours of this site in Clay Cross dictated that the industrial unit being built on it would require raising to allow easier access onto the main road. This level difference added to the depth to get down to a reasonable bearing strata meant that a substantial amount of controlled upfilling was required. An upfilling specification, sections through the site showing the cut and fill lines and the testing regime were produced by Aspect Consulting Engineers Ltd.

Large scale segmental ductwork at Rugeley Power Station in Staffordshire was being transported from the place from which it was fabricated into its working location. To prevent distortion of these large cylindrical members a method of lifting and bracing was required. Along with the knowledge and experience of the steelwork team on site Aspect Consulting Engineers Ltd produced a design framework to withstand the temporary and static forces being subjected to the ducts in the transitional stage.